Center for Senior Health provide comprehensive adult day services Monday thru Saturday, to adults with cognitive and physical impairments [Check specific location information for hours].  We are part of a continuum of community based care that strives to keep frail elderly and impaired adults in their own homes instead of nursing homes. Adult day services are an effective alternative to nursing home placement and a cost-effective alternative to home care and assisted living.

Center for Senior Health has been providing services to the central Ohio community for over 26 years and starting August 2010 extending services to southern Ohio.  We enable our clients to live more independently, while providing relief to their caregivers.  Our activities and services are designed not only to maintain adults’ physical health, but to add new dimensions to their lives by helping them rediscover avenues of social, creative and recreational enjoyment.


Any adult who would benefit from the centers’ programs is eligible.  Services are provided without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability. One of our social workers will assist you with funding sources and payment options.


  • Adults of all ages who need some supervision while family members work or take care of other daytime responsibilities.
  • Adults who are socially isolated and lonely.
  • Adults whose activities are limited due to a physical disability.
  • Adults who are confused or disoriented and in need of a protective setting due to Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder.



Each program is staffed by a registered nurse, social worker, activity specialists and trained personal care assistants.

Center for Senior Health provides a variety of services based upon the individual needs of each participant.

  • Health  A registered nurse monitors each participant’s health and administers medication prescribed by the participant’s physician.
  • Rehabilitation  Licensed therapists provide physical, occupation and speech therapy, as prescribed by the participant’s physician.
  • Nutrition  Nutritious meals and snacks are served, with provision for special diets.
  • Personal Care  Participants receive caring assistance with personal grooming and routines of daily living.  Bathing is offered if requested.
  • Counseling  Social Workers counsel both participants and caregivers, referring them to other community resources as needed.
  • Therapeutic Activities  Participants find creative self-expression in activities such as arts and crafts, adapted sports, woodworking, discussion groups, outings, games, music, yoga, and daily exercise programs.
  • Transportation  We operate a fleet of specially equipped para transit vehicles to assist those clients who require assistance getting to and from our centers.





Center for Senior Health has a commitment to intergenerational programming. The elderly and young can have special connections that broaden their daily and life experience. We believe in fostering relationships between youth and clients in a variety of ways and in those programs where that is most appropriate.

Center for Senior Health encourages and organizes intergenerational activities as part of service learning with our area schools and universities.

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Center for Senior Health has extensive experience providing care for participants with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.  Center for Senior Health provides a secure environment for participants with dementia and tailors programming to the specific needs and abilities of each individual. 

One-of-a-kind Program for Younger Adults

Center for Senior Health Transitions Program, the only one of its kind in central Ohio, is for people 21-55 years of age who have physical or cognitive disabilities and who need supervision and assistance during daytime hours.

The program encourages its participants to live as independently as possible by addressing age appropriate concerns, issues and programming needs.  Young adults benefit from peer support, friendship, therapeutic activities and increased opportunities to exercise independence.

Many Transitions’ participants have suffered traumatic or acquired brain injury, while others have had strokes, heart attacks or are living with a chronic illness.


Center for Senior Health is a contracted provider of services for many funding sources and receives additional financial support from other community entities such as:

  • Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging
  • Franklin County Office on Aging
  • Council for Older Adults in Delaware County
  • United Way of Central Ohio
  • United Way of Delaware County
  • Franklin County Department of Jobs and Family Services
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Ohio Department of Education
  • Cities of Bexley and Columbus
  • The Ohio State University Hospitals
  • Franklin County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
  • Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities



Center for Senior Health has a firm commitment to volunteerism [Volunteer Opportunities]. We participate in United Way’s Community Care Days, have ongoing relationships with several Columbus businesses, community organizations and area schools. We are currently building our volunteer program so that an existing structure is in place and can run on an ongoing basis; meeting the changing needs of our 7 programs and assisting our staff in meaningful ways. We encourage and welcome newcomers to our volunteer program; whether they can spend 2 hours here or 2 hours every week with us and our clients.



Center for Senior Health provides comprehensive day care services to physically and/or cognitively impaired adults regardless of their ability to pay for services. It is the mission of the Center for Senior Health to enable participants to continue living as independently as possible in the community while providing support and relief to their caregivers.

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Governing Board of Center for Senior Health

Ronald D. Adams (Retired)
Board Chairperson
Ohio Health Corporation
Columbus, Ohio

Eleanor Alvarez
Westerville, Ohio

Lea Blackburn
Columbus, Ohio

Paul Bloomfield
Kohr Royer Griffith, Inc
Columbus, Ohio

Cynthia Gerst
Ohio Department of Transportation
Columbus, Ohio

Floyd V. Jones (Retired)
Columbus Dispatch Printing Company
Columbus, Ohio

Don Russell (Retired)
Doctors Hospital
Columbus, Ohio

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